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21 October 2011 @ 09:01 pm
I've got a two year plan in mind now. It's been awhile since I touched this place but I want to get back to writing

Reach 1500 000 words on novel drafts
50 000 Jake's Tale
50 000 Mechanic's Tale
50 000 Flyer's Tale

Complete 2011 & 2012

Take part in 3 short story competitions
Write something here once a week
17 January 2010 @ 02:04 pm
Graham settled down in to the eighth row (the furthest his year were allowed to sit forward) with Connor and his girlfriend taking their places on his left side.

“The programme doesn’t look too dusty does it?” Connor said with some pride since he had been part of the group of students designing it. “Daniels Performing Arts Presents Cats,” he read out loud before adding, “Starring the one, the only Jake, the only fourth year to secure himself a part and as the main dancer too.”

Graham smiled slightly and gripped the programme tighter in his hands. After a second it registered that Connor was expecting some sort of reply. “It looks great,” he said quietly. He would have given anything to be able to sit quietly and listen to his more exuberant friends carrying the conversation on.

“I’ve heard there are going to be agents here,” Hannah commented with a grin, “Jake must be excited about that.”

“He is,” Graham said lifting his eyes with an inscrutable expression. “He was bouncing all over the place rather than putting his makeup on when I saw him.” And he could see the agents being shown in now. He glanced at his watch, ten minutes to curtains up. Ten minutes until he saw Jake perform as Mistoffelees.

It was very easy to get lost in the show once you got past the fact it was cats prancing around on the stage. Even Graham whose mind had been elsewhere before it started to smile and clap and there was doubt he was proud of his boyfriend’s performance when Jake danced. He knew Jake had done a great job and was pleased to hear other people thought so after the show.

As he walked back stage to find Jake he overheard the agent talking about Jake ‘and how he was destined for great things’. Graham dug his finger nails into his palms and detoured bitterly away to go to the toilet. What did they know? There was no such thing as destiny. Not where Jake was concerned anyway. His boyfriend was not going to live long enough to take the world by storm. AIDS would kill him before that. If destiny had given Jake the power to dance to the world why then hadn’t the great power protected him from being given infected blood in a blood transfusion when he was a kid?

Well if someone could prove destiny did exist, it had to be an evil being. Because he was –destined- to watch Jake die slowly. Graham splashed his face with water from the sink and composed himself. Jake didn’t need to see he was still finding it hard to adjust to the news a week after he had been told. He strode out of the bathroom and headed back to his boyfriend’s side where he belonged.
09 January 2010 @ 11:17 pm
Me pa always said we’d win one days. Things would go back to the way they should be. But he’s wrong, least ways that’s what the politicians were saying on the news. They were all talking pretty, about this Good Friday Agreement. ‘Bout a new start for our country. What the fuck do they know? People can’t just forget ‘bout the buddies that have been killed or the soldiers who have died fighting for what is right. I lost two of me friends when they were just walking home from getting a drink at the local bar.

We’re all round the television, pa and I are cleaning are guns. Waiting for the phone to ring, hoping we’ll get the call to do something about the politicians that have gone soft. But nothing comes. I touch my balaclava for reassurance. Fuck I can’t stand to see them shake hands like that. My hand clenches around the trigger. Pa does the same, we look at each other. There’s a family on our road that shouldn’t be there. It won’t be much but it is what we do. We keep fighting, we don’t give up, we don’t give in to false promises.

The teacher stopped reading aloud and looked at the fourteen year olds. Some of them looked a little green around the edges, one or two angry. No one was indifferent. “Rick went to jail two years later,” she continued, “He learnt a lot there, he learnt religion didn’t matter in there. A protestant in fact saved his life in a brawl. Rick’s out there now talking about his experiences so other people won’t continue his mistakes, teaching people that anyone can make a fresh start.”